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Applies to:

  • Velixo NX   
  • Sage Intacct   

The SI.GETATTACHMENTS function retrieves the URL of a document within Sage Intacct and displays that in your report.

During a PDF Distibution process, the specified file will be downloaded from Sage Intacct and included in the resulting PDF file attached to the email created by the Distibution.


SI.GETATTACHMENTS(ConnectionName, Object, RecordNo, NameFilter, Caption


The SI.GETATTACHMENTS function uses the following parameters:






The name of the connection as configured in the Connection Manager

ObjectRequiredThe Sage Intacct object containing the file to be downloaded
RecordNoRequiredThe record number (within the Object) containing the file to be downloaded
NameFilterOptionalA filter specifying the specific name of the file to be downloaded
CaptionOptionalA caption that will be displayed at the top of the attached sheet when it appears in the resulting PDF file.

Valid NameFilter special characters

Wildcard SymbolDescriptionExampleMatchesDoes not match
matches any number of any characters including none

Law, Laws, or Lawyer

GrokLaw, La, or aw


Law, GrokLaw, or Lawyer

La, or aw

matches any single character
Bat, bat, Cat or Catat
matches one character given in the bracket
Bat or Catbat, cat, at, or BCat
matches one character from the (locale-dependent) range given in the bracket
Letter0, Letter1, Letter2 up to Letter9Letter, Letters, or Letter10


Example 1



Will prepare the report to download the specified file (3_page_PDF.pdf) from the ARINVOICE object.



Before the Distibution of the report is performed, the function will return the URL of the file (3_page_PDF.pdf).


After the Distibution, the function will display that the specified file was processed:

Example 2 - including a caption



Will prepare the report to download the file specified in cell C13 from the ARINVOICE object.  When the file is included in the resulting PDF file, the caption listed in cell D13 will be included at the top.

 (cell references were used for all of the parameters in this example)


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