The file format and extension Of 'VelixoReportsPro64.xll' don't match

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Applies to:

  • Velixo Classic
  • Every ERP



When opening Excel, the following message is displayed:


Text from the error message:


The file format and extension of 'VelixoReportsPro64.xll' don't match. The file could be corrupted or unsafe. Unless you trust its source, don't open it. Do you want to open it anyway?



If you click Yes, a message is displayed in Microsoft Excel which states "This program cannot be run in DOS mode." along with additional random text:



Potential Causes

  1. It is possible that something has interfered with the Windows Installer's ability to create the necessary Velixo files.  This can sometimes be due to antivirus software, system firewall settings, or other security software.

  2. Software Restriction Policies are in place that prevent access to the folder containing the Velixo add-in .


  3. This error can result if you attempt to use the Velixo add-in created for a different "bitness" (i.e, trying to use the 64-bit add-in with 32-bit Excel, or vice versa).

  4. Another possible cause can be attempting to use the "Classic" Velixo for Windows add-in with non-current version of Excel on a system using an ARM processor.




For the situation where it may be the antivirus software that is blocking the install:

  1. Uninstall Velixo completely

  2. Temporarily disable the antivirus

  3. Install the latest version of Velixo

  4. Using Windows File Manager, navigate to the %appdata% folder containing Velixo:

  5. In your antivirus software, ensure that all files in this folder (and the folder itself, if needed) are whitelisted.

For the second situation (especially applicable to multi-user server configurations), you may need to setup an Additional Rule for the folder in which the Velixo add-in is located:


For the third situtation, be sure to use the add-in that matches the bitness of your Excel.

For the fourth case, you may be able to use Velixo NX.


Alternate Installation Technique

If the issue appears to be related to something interfering with the Windows Installer, you can try installing the software from the Command Prompt.

  1. Ensure that all Excel instances are closed

  2. Uninstall Velixo Reports

  3. If needed, download the Velixo installer

  4. Press the Windows (Start) button and open the Windows Command Prompt (CMD)

  5. Using the CD command, navigate to the folder where you downloaded the Velixo installer file.  


  6. Enter the command msiexec /qb /i Velixo.msi MSINSTALLPERUSER=0 and press the enter key


  7. Once the installation process completes, start Excel and you should see the Acumatica ribbon in the Excel toolbar.

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