Getting started with Velixo NX

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Velixo NX is the latest version of the Velixo Excel add-in for reporting, budgeting and automation.

It is a modern, cross-platform Microsoft 365 add-in that can be installed by users in a self-service way from within Excel.

It is built using the latest extensibility technologies available in current versions of Microsoft 365 Excel or Excel 2021 on Mac (Mac OS Monterey v12.3 or higher), Excel Online, and Excel for Windows.


Does it apply to me?

It depends on your ERP:

  • If your ERP is Sage Intacct, then yes, only Velixo NX applies to you.
  • If your ERP is Acumatica, MYOB Acumatica or an Acumatica-based ERP (e.g. Jamis Prime, Cegid or Haufe x360), then Velixo NX also applies to you.

IMPORTANT if you have been using Velixo for a few years, chances are that you may have been using Velixo Classic.  You can find out which version you are on by looking at the name of the tab in Excel.  If it is Velixo, it means you are on Velixo Classic. 

If you plan to upgrade or are upgrading from Velixo Classic, note that you will have to manually upgrade your version of the Customization package in order to benefit from all Velixo features, some of which are based on updated generic Inquiries deployed by the Customization package (for Acumatica-based ERPs, for MYOB Acumatica)


ERP SupportVelixo ClassicVelixo NX
Sage Intacct
Cegid XRP Flex
Jamis Prime
Haufe x360
MYOB Acumatica*

Info: There are a few differences between Velixo NX and Velixo Classic for Acumatica, MYOB and Cegid that you should be aware of.  For more information, please visit Velixo NX vs. Velixo Classic

For those ERPs which work with either Velixo Classic or Velixo NX, you can have both Velixo Classic and Velixo NX installed within the same installation of Excel.  Velixo NX will simply automatically defer all functionality to Velixo Classic.  For Sage Intacct, it is important to use ONLY Velixo NX.

* Although the Velixo Customization package is included by default in every instance of MYOB Acumatica, the latest version of Velixo NX requires an updated version that is only available in this article and may only be installed by the administrator of your system.

Installing Velixo NX

Installing Velixo NX is a self-service user experience that only takes one minute from within Excel!  

Please visit Installing Velixo NX for a step-by-step guide.

Configuring Velixo NX for your ERP


The Velixo NX interface

Once installed, a new Velixo NX tab will display above your Excel ribbon.

To learn more about the Velixo ribbon and features, visit: Velixo NX interface

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