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Posted about 1 month ago by Tom Roberts

Tom Roberts
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It would be extremely helpful to have an option to refresh a single sheet at a time. While building a complex multi sheet workbook doing a full refresh or even a smart refresh while building out new reports is time-consuming as everything needs to be recalculated.  

With the recently added functions that can show when a workbook was last updated would it be possible to add that down to a worksheet level?  

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Name: Roberts, Tom

Excel version: PC 16.0.17328.20282

Connection: MADD

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Damien Zwillinger

Damien Zwillinger posted 24 days ago Admin

Hi Tom

This was such a great timing, as work had already started on this feature. 

The ability to refresh a workbook or a sheet should be in the product in our next release: 2024.6.

Stay tuned!

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Harry Lewis posted about 1 month ago Admin

Hi Tom.

We, too, think that is a fantastic idea!  Currently, when Excel recalculates, not only does it calculate the entire workbook, it also calculates EVERY open workbook.

We are currently investigating methods by which we can access that Excel functionality, but in a way where we could control the scope of that process.

We also really like your idea about being able to tell when a specific worksheet was last updated.  Thanks for that.


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